When I think of mankind’s spiritual and emotional growth and development – it seems as if, for many thousands of years mankind’s spiritual evolution seemed to be put on hold.

But lately we all seem to be on a path to become more spiritually healthy. It is this desire that is different and I believe it marks the beginning of the new era or a new time in our collective growth and evolution. This next era is a period of learning to love in a much deeper way than we have for many thousands of years.  For many thousands of years mankind has needed leaders to tell us what we needed to do in order to live our lives so we would find eternal happiness. But, today we are realizing that we have to learn it on our own, to listen to that inner voice as it guides us in the right direction. I wrote the series of books to help people learn how to listen to their inner voice so you will be able to get the most from your spiritual and religious leaders as well know what is best for you.

I gained an incredible amount of knowledge about how we evolve out of a darker reality and into a better way of life from the prophecy “The Revelations of Christ”. The prophecy is about creation and evolution. It is about how I create my own personal spirit and the spirit of my thoughts, words and actions & it is about the evolution of the collective spirit and collective consciousness of mankind.

For thousands of years mankind has collectively lived in a state of mind called the “I NEED” consciousness. The reality of this state of mind is that we needed to be told what to and what not to do in order to create a better reality in our lives. Primarily we were told what not to do but throughout history there were 2 things we were taught to do. It does not matter what religious or spiritual belief system you were a part of – whether Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Hind, Buddhist or Spiritual – you were taught to forgive your fellow man and to love.

Because we have finally learned to get it right we are evolving out of this lesser consciousness (the I NEED consciousness) and into what many call the “I AM” consciousness. In this slightly better level of consciousness we are learning the power that comes with knowing who we are a an individual person with the power to create. It is the spirit of our thoughts, words and actions that creation is all about. In this “I AM” consciousness we are learning that a higher vibrating spirit leads to a higher consciousness.

What we have to learn is not about the words we choose to use to express ourselves but the intention that fills our spirit and the feelings that motivate us to act and the thoughts that guide our actions as we create the spirit of our intention, emotion and passion and thoughts, words and actions. This level of spiritual development we are all in, is giving us the time we need to learn that each and every one of us creates the spirit of who we are at any moment in time. The level in our evolution comes when we realize the power of creation that comes from all of us as “WE CREATE”. This next level of development is what the prophecy calls the “WE ARE” consciousness.

These books are not designed to tell you what you have to do to evolve but to make you aware of the processes of creation and how they will reshape the reality of your life as you learn to listen to you – to your inner voice – to that part of you that only wants to live and thrive in your body, in your life.

The prophecy taught me that this small step into the “I AM” consciousness is only one of several phases in the eventual evolution of the collective spirit of mankind. Beyond the “I AM” consciousness is the “WE ARE” and “WE ARE US” consciousness and the final evolution of mankind collectively is the “WE ARE GOD” consciousness. To me this was one of the many revelations that were revealed to me from the prophecy “The Revelation of Christ”. As I learned the truths about how we are changing and the need to learn from within ourselves as well as from spiritual and religious leaders I knew I had to capture what I was learning in the books of the series that explains the prophecy and the entire Bible from beginning to end. After reading these books you will gain a greater understanding of life with a body, spirit and soul, the collective spirit and consciousness of mankind, the prophecy Revelations and the Bible from beginning to end.

Phoenix learned to interpret dreams, visions and prophecies and is the first person in the history of mankind to apply this ability to interpret the prophecy “The Revelation of Christ”.

He spent many years learning journaling his dreams and then learned to interpret them. After more than 10 years of practicing dream interpretation he began to listen to the images and symbols of the prophecy Revelations. As these characters that are described in the prophecy told him their story of spiritual healing, hope, love and light he knew he had to share this information with the world. This is when the first book, “Revelations – Your Role In God’s Plan To Replace Darkness With Light” was written. This first book tells the story of the prophecy. It explains all the images and symbols of the prophecy as it tells the story of the Spirit and Souls journey through the Kingdom of the Heavens. It also explains that the Kingdom of the Heavens is the Source of all emotions and consciousness and how we can experience the full range of emotions and consciousness by learning to re-create our spirit and soul in such a way as to make our spirit strong enough to hold light and our body capable of living with deep love.

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It is only by learning to live with love in our lives that we will be capable of changing our life’s reality and grow into a higher consciousness.

The prophecy is a very deep metaphysical explanation of the reality that life is about lining with a body, spirit and soul. To make it easier for people to understand the series of 5 books was completed.

The final book emphasizes the explanation of the various scenes of the prophecy and how the spirit and soul evolve through them. It also explains how we created our reality(ies) throughout our existence. This is the story of the Bible.

A year after completing the first book he wrote the second book in the series which emphasizes the message of the prophecy. The first message of the prophecy is also the first thing we have to do in order to reverse the affects of living with the suffering that comes from experiencing hardships in our lives. This first message is about forgiveness and living with love. The title of this second book is “Forgiveness – The Process of Creation that Replaces Darkness with Light”. This second book explains how the prophecy is teaching us how to use the Processes of Creation to transform our spirit and soul in such a way as to re-create our spirit and soul into a higher vibration – or capable of holding the higher vibrations of light.

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This is one of the most incredible and insightful understandings of the spirit and souls human experience.

After gaining an understanding of the prophecy Phoenix realized the title of the prophecy was “The Revelation of Christ” a clue to more information about the bible than he had previously realized. Since the word revelation means to reveal a greater truth, he realized the parables through which Jesus taught had to be in some way linked to this understanding of the prophecy. As he re-read the chapters of the Bible’s New Testament and the book of Genesis he realized these stories were telling the same story of Creation as the prophecy.

This book is very quickly becoming a must read for anyone that wants to understand:

  1. Spirituality and how the body, spirit and soul work together to bring love and light into the our lives and into the world

  2. How to improve your life a make the world a better place

  3. A greater understanding of the Bible and Jesus’ teachings

  4. Spirituality at a much deeper level than mainstream spirituality has ever gone

  5. The Law of Creation, its processes and rules

  6. How to use the Law of Creation to bring a greater peace into your spirit, your life and into the world

  7. How Creation and Evolution are very similar in reality but bet also very different concepts. It is as if one does not exist without the other.

  8. That the Holy Grail and missing link are spiritual realities.

  9. Why the Law of Attractions works for some and for others

  10. How the Laws of the Universe, Laws of Nature and Universal Laws all work together through creation.

After writing the book about the process of creation readers continues to ask for more books that would give them a better understanding as to how to live their lives. This is when the books “CREATION – THE DIAMOND OF REALITY” and “THE BOOK OF ONE – HOW TO UNIFY YOUR BODY SPIRIT AND SOUL” were written.


Phoenix wrote, “The Book of One” as an introduction to understanding the Body, Spirit and Soul and how we work together to create the reality that is our life.

The book, “Creation – The Diamond of Reality” is the second that Phoenix recommends that you read. After reading, “The Book of One”, creation takes your understanding of the body, spirit and soul to a much deeper level. This workbook approach to understanding how the body, spirit and soul is designed to help you to better understand the concepts you will need in order to live your life in  more spiritually and emotionally healthy way.

After completing the first four books in the series Phoenix discussed the experience he had while writing these books with a local priest. At the end of this discussion he was told that he discovered not only this interpretation of the prophecy but also the code originally written in to the Bible.

This is when he wrote the final book in the series – “The Bible Uncoded”


After completing this book the spirit of the prophecy left him and he not written another book since.

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